Personal Injury

Injuries and accidents have devastating effects on the lives of individuals and families. Effective, caring legal representation can enable victims and their families to obtain monetary compensation for the consequences of such injuries and for the damages caused by such accidents. Jim Hughes is extremely proud of his success in enabling clients to receive recoveries for their personal injury, wrongful death and other tort claims.

Jim has more than 38 years of experience litigating civil cases in which he has represented both Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout North Carolina in both state and federal courts. In his practice he has assisted numerous people who have been injured or damaged in automobile accidents and other serious accidents. In addition to his extensive trial experience, he has argued cases before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Eminent Domain

Jim represents owners of private property in land condemnation actions when state, county, and municipal governments use their power of eminent domain to take private property, whether residential, commercial, or agricultural. Under the United States Constitution, the government must give “fair compensation” to owners of private property when it uses this power of eminent domain. Hughes Law, LLC can help ensure that you receive that fair compensation, and that you do not settle for less than the fair market value of your property.

After the government has decided it will condemn your property for public use, it will make an initial offer of compensation. In practice, the government will typically offer far less than the full value of your property. Once hired, Jim Hughes can negotiate with the government representatives and represent your interests. Jim will utilize local appraisers to determine the value of your property and will work to obtain that value. Our fees for this service come only out of the additional amount that we recover for you.

Commercial Litigation

Jim has represented both business and individuals in all areas of business litigation from collection of accounts to complex commercial litigation, contract disputes and construction liens.

Business Law

Jim assists clients with formation of business entities. In addition he is available to provide counsel for small business and commercial landlords for their legal needs. Jim has represented a number of clients in drafting and revising commercial leases and litigating issues relating to landlord tenant disputes.

Employment Law

Jim has represented both employers and employees in employment disputes.  He has been involved in drafting and litigating covenants not to compete for both employers and employees as well as employment discrimination claims.

Contract and Corporate

Our firm provides services with regard to contract interpretation, negotiation, preparation and litigation. Jim Hughes has over 30 years of commercial contract interpretation and litigation experience. We also welcome the opportunity to assist clients with regard to business entity selection and formation, transfer and dissolution.